Known as the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 is a newly proposed industry concept encompassing the major technological innovations in the fields of automation, control and information technology applied to manufacturing processes. Lyte from Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Internet Services, develops production processes increasingly efficient, autonomous and customizable.
Industries are becoming aware of the need to automate their processes. Lyte, together with the most respected manufacturers of equipment for industrial automation, carries out automation projects and makes professionals available for the realization of the same, whether in the logical part (programming), electrical, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic. Lyte professionals are certified in the most d
With extensive experience in the automotive industry, Lyte has professionals specialized in programming the most renowned brands of industrial robots, providing all the infrastructure (physical and technical) for the assembly of robotic cells.
Lyte offers solutions that allow you to increase energy efficiency through adaptations in facilities, equipment and process optimization. The result of the proper and efficient use of energy, combined with concern for the environment, reduces the environmental impact and costs for companies that invest in this service.
Supervision systems provide on-line monitoring of the process, with estimates and production targets in real time. Such solutions help the process to increase productivity and quality. Control your process wherever you are, whether in your industry or remotely (WebControl).
Lyte excels by the quality and reliability of its services, realizing the design and assembly of control panels and electric panels, as well as the installation of them. This service is performed by qualified and certified professionals, who meet all the safety standards required by the process.
Primarily for the quality and reliability of its products and services, Lyte realizes the design and assembly of control panels and electric panels, as well as the installation of them. This service is performed by qualified and certified professionals, who meet all safety standards required by industries.
Lyte offers projects and solutions for the adequacy of machines and equipment, it develops all the steps necessary for your company to work safely and effectively, respecting the current safety standards. Through its engineering department, it makes the adaptation of logical, electrical, mechanical and pneumatic projects.
Each industry has its own particularities of processes, thus requiring machines and equipment specific to its business model. Lyte develops machines and equipment aimed at the individual needs of its customers, always observing all the safety standards applicable to the process.
Control and monitor your home or office from wherever you are. Lyte offers the most modern to transform your home or your building into a modern and intelligent environment, capable of offering security, effort reduction, and rational and planned use of the various means of consumption. Whether using your cell phone or your iPad (Tablet) with communication

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Lyte - Automation Technology is a pioneer company in the field of Industrial Automation, through its technological research department, develops differentiated solutions to meet the most specific needs of any process.

Founded in 2006 in the city of Venâncio Aires-RS, in 2012 it transferred its operations to the city of Gravataí-RS, with the purpose of facilitating the logistics of national and international service.


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